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It sounds plausible...


  • SirBruceWayne

    SirBruceWayne 5 years, 1 month ago

    This is a preposterous illogical notion. Anonymous is against internet censorship, surveillance and everything that involves government control. For them to simply protect the Presidents re-election goes against their fundamental beliefs do to the presidents policies. Also to say that Karl Rove stole previous elections is also preposterous and illogical. I would like people to explain why specific county's in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida have 100% voter turn out for the president, or numbers above 100%. None of the numbers add up when you look at all the facts and numbers that strongly lean away from the presidents re-election. Not to give Karl Rove credence, he is still a...Well I won't go there, but I can see why people find it hard to believe the President received re-election. After all he did promise no taxes on the middle class, that is till the day after the election. Everyone is getting hit hard here. The bright city on a hill that Reagan once spoke of is dimmer than ever.


  • unlisted 5 years, 1 month ago

    According to Anonymous, Karl Rove's goal was to rig the election, and they stopped him. It would have been an inconsistent with their values had they known about it and let it happen. Besides, nobody claims that they actually did anything except Anonymous. It is, however, plausible that they could have since it's a pretty straightforward network protocol issue.


  • SirBruceWayne

    SirBruceWayne 5 years ago

    Karl Rove rigging the election? Preposterous. Don't tell me people actually believe this nonsense. I wouldn't trust this source or Anonymous. The numbers that are not logical are those in key countys in battle ground states in which Romney did not receive a single vote or voter turn out for Obama was 100% or over which doesn't match with the voter registration numbers...hmmm. As for this letter claiming such nonsense, I would say it is some troll who is a 30 year old male child still living in his mothers basement looking for attention rather than contributing to society. "Dont believe everything you read on the internet." -George Washington


  • unlisted 5 years ago

    Mr Lee, you haven't changed my opinion that this is plausible nor have I formed any opinions about who might have penned this letter. Furthermore, your claims about voter fraud are off the mark.

    While Karl Rove might not have any technical expertise, he has money and can hire people that do.

    As far as the letter goes, it contains several references to advanced hacking techniques. The person is clearly knowledgeable. I won't speculate on the author's age, personality, lifestyle, etc. In the absence of any tangible data, that would be as illogical and as preposterous as calling somebody five years my senior a "child."

    Claims about voter turnout being higher than 100% are incorrect, and it's not out of the question that some precincts would have 100% of the votes go to one candidate or the other. For example, Romney carried more than 96% of the vote for many politically conservative precincts where nearly 100% of registered voters are White. Likewise, exit polls show that nationwide Obama carried 96% of the Black vote. The precincts that showed no votes for Romney have virtually no registered White voters.

    There were no counties (the correct plural form of county) with a voter turnout higher than 100%. Some precincts, which are much smaller than counties, issued more than one card per voter. They did this because not all of the ballot items would fit on a single card. Some news sources stated erroneously that this translates to a turnout higher than 100%.