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Yearly Review

Health Posted by glen 4 years, 6 months ago

So, every year I try to carve some time out after Christmas to do a yearly review. This allows me to look at the previous year, and map the upcoming. Here' the process I use:

  • Look at the past year, and take note of what went badly, and try to figure out why. Then, I let it go. Can't change the past, after all. (I've found it's important to at least acknowledge these things though.)
  • Then I write down what went well. Everything, personal and professional. I'm always surprised at how much was actually accomplished.
  • After I've gone through the previous year, I make a few categories: Business, family, health, spiritual, finances, giving. Then I make a giant list in each category of things that I want to do in the following year. (I won't do all of them, but putting them down helps me evaluate limited time and resources.) I realistically try (even with Hofstadter's Law), to give actual timelines, with steps to completion broken down.

Now, something to keep in mind: To date I haven't followed this yearly plan 100%. In fact, I usually don't come even close. But I still think it's an important exercise, and I usually learn a lot about myself in the process.

Anyway, my question for you all is this: do you have any form of yearly review that you do?