Handpresso: Espresso Machine In Your Pocket

The Handpresso is like the Reebok Pumps of coffee makers. What did you do when you were about to hop onto the court to play some ball? You’d give a few squeezes to the Pump, of course.

The Handpresso works off the same concept. After you’ve added your coffeee (grounds or pod) and some hot water to the contraption, you just give it a few pumps until the pressure gauge reads green and hit the pressure release. Instantly the dark, caffeinated goodness that allows us to function will start flowing.

We’ve featured the MiniPresso, another portable espresso maker, but unlike that version the Handpresso doesn’t require a C02 cartridge. It’s all hand-powered.

The Handpresso is small, compact, and uses no electricity to brew excellent espresso. Perfect for the campsite.

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At the time of posting the price was $75.