Isn't that the damn hard truth!


  • berserk64

    berserk64 10 years, 11 months ago

    on the issue of gun rights I have one observation to illustrate in america one of the if not the highest killers is auto collisions yet cars were not created to kill people and yet kill tens of thousands every year. On the other hand firearms were created for the sole purpose of killing game or other human beings yet you do not have to go through the permit and license process that is required for a car to purchase and own a gun. If people really want to implement effective gun control it should be to control the education of those gun owners and certification of those aspiring gun owners. Having an instructor present to judge who is capable of responsible gun ownership is in my opinion the only way that we can effectively curtail gun violence in this country.

    P.S. Preventing all violence is a problem that we should be trying to solve because you do not need a gun to kill someone and an empty gun is just another expensive piece of metal.