To me, this is the most ideal ccw on the market. Slim, good ergonomics, yet ultra reliable. With modern loads of 9mm, I kind of find the .40 outdated, which is why I opted for the nine. Of course people would beg to differ and that is a argument we can have another time.

The holster is a custom kydex holster that is IWB that I carry in the small of my back or on my 3 o'clock. It conceals very well, even in summer clothes.

For being as small as this gun is, it is extremely accurate and has a very minimal amount of recoil.

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  • llmorris35

    llmorris35 10 years, 6 months ago

    I shot it today and loved it but I am going to opt for the full size. Both the shield and the full size are really nice guns ill take them over a glock, which I also shot, any day.