Solid Gospel in a world full of relativism

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  • daemon

    daemon 10 years, 2 months ago

    The Bible is full of all types of different "marriages". The Church has no business in legal matters of the state.

    If the Church would like a say in my fiscal and legal standing as a citizen of this country, they are most welcome to begin paying taxes as I do.

    I find this post here most offensive and repugnant to the equality of all citizens. Feel free to believe as you like, but the time has past where you will be able to enshrine your religion into the legal system of this country. I am thankful to see most people, Christian and non-Christian alike are finally standing on the right side of history in the equal treatment for all citizens under the law. The discrimination and prejudice that has been justified in the name of religion and belief is finally becoming another chapter of our sordid past.