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Our legal system needs to be updated to penalize the stupid.


  • High_Binder 6 years, 4 months ago

    The reason the lady in the first McDonalds case won anything isn't because she spilled coffee on herself, it's because McDonalds attorneys went nuts and totally fucked up the case. Her portion was also far less than what the press reported it as being. I think the press said she got 20 million when in reality she only got something like 20 thousand. Look up the case it's pretty interesting to see that the system isn't as fucked up as the press made it out to be, it was McDonald's fault that she was awarded anything. I.e. it was their case to loose and they lost.


    • mango333

      mango333 6 years, 4 months ago

      I followed the original case for a paper and everything you are saying is spot on. Regardless - attorneys or no, the judge should have thrown it out immediately and fined the woman and her lawyers 10% of the asked for judgement for wasting tax payers time.

      Instead our system allows lawyers to follow the loop holes and literally twist the law, it's spirit, and those it is supposed to protect.