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Toyota knows a thing or two about creating a car that likes to cozy up to Mother Nature, after-all the Japanese firm created the Prius (a car we are not fond of). Toyota has been showing off the Fuel Cell Vehicle or FVC at CES 2014 in Las Vegas this week and it is perhaps best to think of it as this generation´s Prius.

However, don´t go running for the hills as this looks to have a bit more about it to appeal to more people and not just do-gooders who are pretending they care about the environment. The FVC has an admittedly poor name, but the car is still in development so that could change by time if rolls out of the showroom. We are no geniuses, so bare with us as we get all science on you.

We are told that hydrogen enters the fuel tank and gets friendly with oxygen. The result of this chemical love in is electricity, which then heads to the motor and powers it. Voila, an environmentally friendly car that also looks good, in a family friendly sort of way.

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