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Starting Monday, Washington gun owners will have a new place to sell their firearms. That’s when a website called Washington Gun Exchange plans to launch.

The arrival of this online marketplace comes as Washington lawmakers prepare to hold contentious hearings on dueling gun measures.

The Washington Gun Exchange will be an offshoot of a similar website in Utah. Founder Nick Moyes -- who lives in Utah -- says he picked Washington in part because he’s gotten to know some conservative lawmakers here.


  • JakeLonergan

    JakeLonergan 6 years, 5 months ago

    Every state needs this. I have to take my unused firearms to a gun shop to sell on consignment. This can easily take six months based upon the limited foot traffic any given shop has. Especially in The Democratic People's Republic Of California, where no one is shunned but Republicans, smokers and gun owners. We need to be able to gain quicker access to each other. Hell, even f-ing NAMBLA has a website and we're supposed to accept that!