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In places like Canada, Alaska, Scandanvaia, and Russia the snowmobile is the premier form of transport, used to get around in the winter. Of course, even those living in Earth´s freezer need some down time and some recreation, and that´s where the Timbersled Mountain Horse: Dirt Bike Snow Kit ($5,500) comes in. Availble in several guises, these kits transform your normal gas dirt bike into a fully equipped snow going ride that will chew up the powder.

The kits are easy to put together, giving you a light and agile snow going vehcile in minutes. Of course, how much power you get depends on what bike you have, but needless to say you could get going at pretty high speeds with the right scrambler. The great thing about the Timbersled Mountain Horse is when the snow melts you can just convert it back to a standard dirt bike and hit the trail the traditional way.