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I have been a big Ben Stein fan for a long time. Last year I happened to get to meet him by chance earlier this year. He was as genuine a person that I had imagined. Here is a good message for us all when we can easily get swept up in the reality TV world of seeking 'revenge' on those who have done us wrong.


  • corineabaye

    corineabaye 4 years, 5 months ago

    How is this appropriate for this site?


    • Nickolas

      Nickolas 4 years, 5 months ago

      Well, I post things like this that folks like and appropriate for Men. It is not SPAM or self serving for my own site like yourself. I also work under the single persona of myself not double agents like you. I do not parade/Spam this site under users like 'shorthairforblackwomyn' and 'corineabaye' as you do. Your content is appropriate for places like Pinterest, and other forums. I am a single person and not 'gaming' the site as your actions would dictate. Your two sites are the same. There is one HUGE indication you are the same person. I am sure they can pull your IP address and validate this.