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  • Nickolas

    Nickolas 6 years, 9 months ago

    Sorry Chad to disagree this viewpoint. It just does not work for most guys that are not single or have a family to consider. So many men have made themselves miserable trying to live up to this "Alpha Male" standard in High School, College, early 20s , 30s and so on. The posts you put forth perhaps make a 'man' in NJ, Long Island, or other Machisemoites (can say so as I live in NJ and worked in NYC). Being fit is one thing and great quality, but it is not the only quality that makes a man. Real men are complex that have complex lives when they are married and have children. All of your examples do not have such lives and responsibilities. They cannot live for 'all or nothing'. I challenge all to be themselves and have the courage to be themselves. Anything less than a Alpha Male is perfect.


  • philwaygrand 6 years, 9 months ago

    I dont believe being an alpha male and machoism are remotely the same. As a family man myself, I consider the choices I have made to serve my family and put off my own interests as alpha. I have to stay up really late or get up very early to pursue my ambitions. I have to think of my family before myself in any decision I make-alpha.
    I have read a lot of your posts, Chad, and I have much respect for you. One of your main philosophies is that of walking the walk. To me, machos are all talk and just want the attention.
    Maybe not all these points can be taken with your life, but many of them can. Mainly for myself, dont whine, be your own man, set goals, take action, be physically strong, work hard, study, and dont make excuses.