I know all y'all aren't followers of Jesus, so no offense with this article. I just thought it was a good article and wanted to stick it in my mint bag.

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  • Nickolas

    Nickolas 9 years, 1 month ago

    This is a great post! Thank you for sharing. I grew up Lutheran and enjoy the tradition but can completely relate to the points this post makes. I now attend a new 'contemporary' service out of the points make in this post. I am always looking for maturing in my relationship with God. Some churches think this has to be the equivalent of Worshiptainment, but it isn't. And I think some churches think they have to deliver this to their flock. I am inspired by leaders like Rev Graham, and leaders like Tony Evans. Anyway, just my rambling two cents. Thanks again.


    • korny09

      korny09 9 years, 1 month ago

      Tony Evans rocks! I have heard him speak many times. I really enjoy the book Kingdom Man & have taught it at a teen guy's Airsoft Bible Study.


  • emtay

    emtay 9 years, 1 month ago

    Enjoyed the read. I have been removed from the church for well over a year now and at times it gets me down to think of the fellowship I'm missing with the community. However, when I have my kids out in nature on a Sunday morning hike, marveling at all of Gods creation ( however it came to be) I find peace and happiness. I don't have to deal with the organization telling me to be against the gays but to love them anyway *wink wink, elbow nudge*. Or how I need to be against abortion or whatever issue is hot at the moment but pay no mind to the alcoholics, child abusers, gluttons, etc, etc.
    In my community we have a "Sportsmans Banquet" which is held in honor of a local man who passed in a car crash but donated much of his time and efforts to a Ronald McDonald house. They raise funds by having raffles for all sorts of manly, outdoorsy products. At the end of the evening they have a manly man who is skilled in some sort manly art (last time it was a hunting dog trainer) "preach" about how their profession brings them closer to God and how it correlates to a Godly life. I find this type of fellowship with my community much more appealing than the Church building. Just my thoughts.