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  • Titanheart

    Titanheart 6 years, 2 months ago

    My wife and I are poor by most American standards, I'm disabled, and she was a cubicle jockey making a more or less decent wage, but averaging the two of us it brought us into less than minimum wage household territory. When we found Money Mustache we had pretty much given up on the idea that we could dig our way out of the holes my health problems had put us in.

    Following his principals and studying up on his blog, we were able to trim an enormous amount of expense from our lives. For example we dropped AT&T at $147 a month for 2 smart phones, and instead went with Republic Wireless and have better service at a whopping $42 a month and with a better plan.

    Now we are in Florida while she is attending a tech school to learn Dog Grooming, which she has dreamed of doing for years. I have to say we owe Mr. Moneymustache a lot. I'ld like to see the man write a textbook and set up a class for public schools.