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In an attempt to reconnect with nature and solve the growing problem of unnecessarily overstuffed wallets, we have come up with an idea of crafting compact and modern wallets made entirely out of wood.

By combining carefully selected natural materials and our previous experiences, we have created wallets that are both practical and elegant. The wallets are made entirely out of European walnut and hand-crafted in order to fully preserve the natural beauty and pleasant tactile feeling of wood. In order to protect the woodwork in everyday use, as well as for aesthetic purposes, each of our products is finished using only the finest natural wax.

Our wood wallets can store up to 7 cards and some cash, just in case, while the leather pull-out strap keeps the content inside, where it should be.

Dimensions in cm:

L 10
H 6.2
T 2.3

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  • mmccrorey33 4 years, 8 months ago

    I have the Wooden Wallet two from this same seller, it comes from Serbia and the seller was a joy to deal with. I've had another product like this(slim timber with that stupid magnet) but it didn't compare and this is priced even lower. 20 minutes ago in was in a store buying batteries and got a compliment on my wallet as I was paying.

    10/10 would recommend this wallet.