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  • daemon

    daemon 4 years, 7 months ago

    Everything about this article sits wrong with me.

    1. Registration with the Selective Service is a burden shouldered by the men of this country in exchange for our citizenship and all that it entails. I do not feel that this is an undue burden and as a man would not wish to see it placed on women.

    2. As for circumcision, despite arguments made for or against, I have yet to hear of another rational man argue that this has irrevocably and unduly hampered his life in any articulate manner. The converse cannot be argued for female genital mutilation. While I understand the semantics of this argument, it still seems a bit ridiculous in my opinion. It seems to be a parental choice based on many different criteria that may or may not hold merit.

    3. Parental responsibility after an unplanned pregnancy is an area fraught with many reasonable arguments, but my view on this hearkens back to taking responsibility for ones actions as a man. Women are not necessarily held to this same standard in this issue, and while unfair situations can be legally created that favor the woman over the man in the relationship, I still feel that overall the man still needs to assume responsibility for a life he participated into bringing into this world. It is an awesome power as a man, and as such, a burden as well.

    4. Regarding criminal prosecution, I have no sympathy for anyone who has committed a crime and the retribution they may suffer at the hands of the criminal justice system, provided they are afforded the rights guaranteed to them by the laws of this land. Is it possible that women may get off with lesser punishment for the same offenses? Yes. If this bothers you, stop committing your own crimes. It is for those you will be tried.

    Does this mean that in some areas, women may have it better off given these specific situations? Yes. I would rather err on the side of caution when it comes to women than to abandon some of the historic defining characteristics of being a man.

    Men and women are not equal or the same by any stretch of imagination, and to continue to protest and attempt to legislate such still continues to confound me. As citizens they should be extended equal rights, but as individuals they should assume the responsibilities, strengths and weakness' afforded to them by their gender and own personal differences and variations within that gender. It is due to our differences that we are stronger as a whole.

    All of that being said, men are not better than women, but in almost all situations in this life "being" a man is clearly better.

    Note: Everything stated in my comment is merely my opinion based on my background, life experiences and education. I do not intend for it to be seen as absolute truth.

    If these are causes you wish to champion on behalf of men in this country, go for it. Just realize that we all pick our own axes and others may have more pressing issues to deal with.


    • elancaster65
    • Chet_Manly

      Chet_Manly 4 years, 7 months ago

      I read the article and your comments and I believe you're statements to be very reasonable and I'm in agreement with you as I found the article a little unsettling as well. I considered allowing your comment to suffice but I think it is more important to verbalize agreement with those who are also being sensable, thoughtful and forthright, while providing constructive criticism.

      I will add that the recent idea of placing women in combat roles bothers me deeply. The military should not be a social experiment. I draw from my experience as a husband, son and father to make that statement. Men and women may have equal rights in this country but we are not equal (especially physically) and women are not treated equally around the world.