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"There is nothing to be learned from this crazy person."

Maybe: spending some money > dying


  • glen

    glen 5 years, 3 months ago

    This was extremely fascinating. At the beginning of the article, I kind of found myself liking this fellow. Things like "John would walk in the rain rather than pay for a coach" initially gave me the impression that this guy wasn't too cheap... he was just a badass. I believe that we Americans--myself included--spend way too much money on comforts. So I kind of like people who save money by doing things an unorthodox or old fashioned way. For example, I really enjoy the story of Mr. Money Mustache (, where he basically lives on $24,000 a year with his family in a house 3x the value of mine, solely based on his life decisions.

    But then the article got weirder. And weirder. Money can do strange things to the mind, if we let it.


  • domestique34

    domestique34 5 years, 3 months ago

    "What lesson can we learn from John Elwes?
    Nothing. There is nothing to be learned from this crazy person. Kind of an interesting story though."

    Haha! So good.