...So apparently one time Mario Andretti refused to race in a car sponsored by the cuckoobirds in Scientology and refused to budge until the decals were peeled off the car.


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  • elancaster65

    elancaster65 6 years, 8 months ago

    This reads like an episode of Leah Remini's series on A&E about Scientology. Like a train wreck, I can't stop watching this series. It is truly fascinating how the "church" preys upon people and attacks those who resist them. The only other religion I know of that attacks people who don't believe as they do is Islam.

    I started to read Dianetics when I was about 15. I couldn't get through the first chapter. I tried to read LRH's "Battlefield Earth" because I'm a bit of a sci-fi geek. It wasn't that great IMO.

    What a weird organization is Scientology....


    • dewtattoo

      dewtattoo 6 years, 8 months ago

      I'm hooked on Leah Remini's series also. More people need to see what a train wreck Scientology is. I can't believe anyone would actually fall for that "religion". If I meet someone who says that are a Scientologist I will naturally assume they have a low I.Q. Tom Cruise has to be a complete moron.