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A good read, for those, like myself, who think on such things.


  • Razorback

    Razorback 4 years ago

    I must say, that was a lengthy yet fascinating read. Now my head is spinning as I try to figure out where the money is going.


  • jordan

    jordan 4 years ago

    This reminded me of a recent [Mr. Money Mustache article](

    I attribute a lot of the increased costs to technology. In Kansas, we're having significant state budget issues including lots of drama about school funding. Then today, I read an article about how the school district I live in wants to buy MacBooks for every single high school student the year after they bought iPads for every single middle school student. Do the gadgets help grades? From my experience with my middle school stepson with his iPad- no.

    My other theory is regular old supply and demand mixed with perceived value and the desire to appear affluent. People perceive that a pricier education is better and they're willing to pay for it with money they do or don't actually have. Now, substitute "morning coffee", "roads", "camping equipment", "health care", or whatever else for "education" and costs rise according to demand.