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So I've only seen this one place, but ill be following more closely in the future. It is always good to dig deeper to see what the actual truth might be. I feel like the last 10-16 years we haven't really be able to have a conversation about immigration so the "facts" can get fuzzy.

If what this says is true, it is very disturbing and needs to change! Personally, I'll try not to let my politics get in the way of what comes of this but either way, knowing more factual information about who is here in a less than legal capacity is a good thing.

Not expecting likes, just thought it was interesting.


  • elancaster65

    elancaster65 4 years ago

    We've gotten to the point where people don't care if the Emperor has no clothes on as long as it doesn't a) mess with the narrative and 2) I can blame Bush/Conservatives/Christians/Rush Limbaugh/Sean Hannity/Bush/Insert person you hate more here.

    While I didn't vote for Trump I do like some of things he does/is doing. Not to wild about the Tweeting. SMDH. It seems the more he does the more the haters scream. The more they scream, the more the facts show they are incorrect. The more incorrect they are shown to be the more they scream "racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe". The more they scream RSBH, the more the average American tunes them out, casts their votes, and go about their lives.


    • Chet_Manly

      Chet_Manly 4 years ago

      I can identify with that. I didn't support or vote for Trump, and I take what he says with a grain of salt...I just haven't figured him out yet.
      The level of violence, knee jerk protests, and backlash has made me more sympathetic towards him than I probably would be. It often seems that what he has been reported to have done is much worse than what I learn he has actually said or done. Still not a huge fan at all, but I take it case by case.


  • sam_acw

    sam_acw 4 years ago

    Trump isn't the buffoon people think. He's deliberately bringing his opponents into the open knowing it makes them look bad - the world at large has no interest in the tiny fraction of the population who protest anything, and the more they are in the public eye the more the average Joe will turn against them.
    Trump has managed to get the judiciary's opposition into the open within a month. Hollywood is looking increasingly out of touch. He's allowing law enforcement to do its job. Things like the Antifa groups being threatened with being labelled terrorists, the status of the ADL and SPLC being reduced, forcing sanctuary cities to publish crime statistics, cutting off funding for cities who refuse to uphold the law, the 2 out/1 in regulation order - well it's the right redressing the balance of government culture which has been moving rapidly leftwards since the 1990s.
    What is most amazing though is that politican A can do something and the media is silent or approves, politician B does the same thing and the media goes bananas. It's the same issue we had in the UK with Brexit last summer, 95%+ of the media is on the same side.


    • Chet_Manly

      Chet_Manly 4 years ago

      "Redressing the balance of government"
      Well summarized. That is a good way to put it.
      Along the same lines...
      It is my hope that, while I don't truly know what to make of Trump tweeting yet, (his explanation does make sense to me) I see Twitter, YouTube etc. helping create more of a balance in media.


  • skilletboy

    skilletboy 4 years ago

    BTW people need to understand that this particular raid was not planned under Trump or during his presidency. This was planned long before under Obama's administration. Really it's just ICE doing their job.

    In fact under Obama there were more deportations than ever.

    The media is flat out lying when they act as if this somehow started or ramped up under Trump. It's hasn't... And to be fair, Trump taking credit for it via twitter is BS too... He knows damn well this is just business as usual. ICE does this all the time.

    Frankly the media is getting manic.