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Sigh. Sometimes it's a great idea to spend 5 seconds researching things before commenting.


  • Chet_Manly

    Chet_Manly 1 year ago

    Reminds me of the axiom:
    "It's better to let someone think you are an Idiot than to open your mouth and prove it."
    Guess that holds true on twitter more than most places.

    I'm twirling the 'stache because it is nice that in the age of Trump, the media seem to have rediscovered the value and necessity of the Constituiton and Bill of Rights. Just as long as we all realize the First Amendment applies to all of us, no matter how stupid, "regressive" or "backwards" our views.


    • jordan

      jordan 1 year ago

      I think both the media and citizens are slowly rediscovering the flip side of First Amendment right- responsibility. You have the right to express your views or put out a news story, but at the end of the day, you are responsible for what you expressed, how it made you look, and how it affected other people. If anyone doesn't do their research, expresses blatant lies, or resorts to bullying tactics to try to get their point across, they'll eventually get called out by someone.

      However, I'm convinced that the next level of human evolution will be achieved when the entire human population can actually accept responsibility for their expressions. It's a bit wearing to continually hear, "I stand by what I said. Except when I said 'tacos' I actually meant 'hamburgers.'"


      • Chet_Manly

        Chet_Manly 1 year ago

        Yes, so true. The Responsibility side of the Rights are just as important. They must go hand in hand.
        I am responsible for what I say, but I am not responsible for other parties being offended by it if it's true, even if they don't want to acknowledge the truthiness of it. NPR caught some knees jerking, it seems.


  • elancaster65

    elancaster65 1 year ago

    I read stuff like this and I applaud NPR.
    Then I shake my head at the idiots on Twitter/Social Media and go look for my Professor Farnsworth meme that says, "I don't want to live on this planet anymore."

    I've taught Jr. and Sr. Highers in a church setting and I taught my own children that with rights come responsibilities. (Usually quoting Uncle Ben from Spider-Man.) My son, at 24, is slowly realizing that Mom and Dad kind of knew what they were talking about. His "go-to" is it's always "the m-fers fault that I...." We just calmly remind him that his actions have consequences whether he meant them or not. And he is responsible for cleaning up his own messes. (Usually bring out Gibbs Rule #45, "Clean up your messes.")

    Not a fan of Trump but looking on the bright side, he has caused both the left and the right to bare their true selves. He has expose the Wizard behind the curtain and no longer can they say, "Pay no attention to man behind the curtain...I am the Great and Powerful...CNN/MSNBC/FOXNEWS/NYT...." You get the point.

    Finally, someone is showing us the emperor hasn't had any clothes on for several decades...