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  • ahnyerkeester

    ahnyerkeester 1 year ago

    This man's opinion, and this is nothing more than opinion, is unsubstantiated. The major ISPs pinky promise to not throttle anything but to simply provide those who can pay with priority service, sending their packets through special, faster channels.

    On the other hand, yes, the FCC classified internet service as a utility. That gave the FCC greater control so it could enforce net neutrality. BUT, and this is important, it also gives the FCC the ability to tax internet service and to require features be added to it. Like when they required all telephones to support 911. Not a bad thing in that case but it opens a pandoras box here. The FCC Chairman under Obama who did this pinky promised to not do any of those things other than enforce net neutrality. Can he say that for those who follow?

    So my friends, which pinky promise do you believe? Me? Neither. They're both monsters who will slowly increase their own power. So what's the answer? Either, a) reclassify internet service under Title III again so the FCC has less control and then pass some actual laws (congress hates doing that so they create regulators to do their dirty work) to enforce net neutrality, or b) reclassify internet service under Title III again and pass laws that allow premium services but regulate them so existing internet service cannot be throttled and set a time limit on how long those premium channels can exist before they must be opened up to the rest of the internet.

    Please don't listen to only this fellow. Though he has an English accent, his opinions are strident and assume only the worst possible outcome from the end of net neutrality. The major ISPs claim that the money they charge for premium service will go to research and development so that the entire internet experience will get better. Perhaps letting them monetize might not be the end of the internet and free speech (What? How did he jump to that so quickly in his screed?) after all.

    "Were net neutrality provisions repealed in the United States" civilization would end or something like that. Wait a minute. Net neutrality was only enforced about two years ago. How did this utter chaos and end of the world not happen before the FCC in shining armor charged in to slay that particular dragon? See? The dude is way over the top on this.