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Skip to 1:45 if you don't want to hear the commentary of the youtuber who posted this...I know nothing about him.

This is a little look into what Canada is dealing with in the wake of the passage of CB-16. A Canadian grad student faces an inquiry regarding a video she showed in her classroom of a debate on gender pronoun usage. Both sides were represented in the video and she claims to have remained neutral on the matter. Her professors do not seem to be impressed with her impartiality or her interest in a quality discussion. *shocking*

This makes my head hurt, and it's almost unnerving to hear knowing this is real and took place at an institute of higher learning. It makes me SO incredibly thankful for our first amendment rights in America!

As a followon, this is editorial is from a major Canadian newspaper
and it details how the university has tried to make amends for their abysmal behavior. This editorial also shows that this type of behavior is not accepted by many Canadians, and THAT is heartening. But what would have happened if the footage hadn't become public...
Is the university apology/regret coming from introspection, or from being exposed...
How should we best handle those who want to limit free speech here...
Do I have the brass balls this young grad student did to stand my ground and not back down....

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