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I've not been a fan of Facebook for years, and this kind of encapsulates most of my reasons why. I felt that at the core the company sacrificed ethics to grow their platform, and now they're seeing the negative effect.

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  • jordan

    jordan 6 months ago

    After reading this article, I started resenting Facebook for making money off of my boredom- the reason I usually log in. I suppose they have a right to make money off boredom, like anyone in the entertainment industry, but I've recently been more aware of who gets my attention and how much of it. Who do I want to profit from my attention?


    • glen

      glen 6 months ago

      I think we're all getting a little smarter as more articles like this for Facebook (and Google, too) are coming. When you're silently watching what I do all the time and making money from it (or trying to trick me into coming back to your site), that makes me angry.