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This is a sad tale.

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  • daemon

    daemon 3 months ago

    I started reading this, and after it dissolved into allegations and hear say, I realized I just do not care at all to hear about any of this. I wish him the best and that those who have ill intentions, ulterior motives and act on their own best interests against his wishes find within their own lives the recompense for their actions. Sometimes it is better to just stay in my own lane and let the devil take the rest. I won't waste another moments energy on such mongering. Love him. Love his work. 'Nuff said.


    • Chet_Manly

      Chet_Manly 2 months, 4 weeks ago

      You’ve well described a difficult situation. I feel much the same. My method of not letting this type of thing get to me is the resolve not to allow this to happen in my own parents/family. I can’t solve the world’s problems but I can do my best in my own small circle of influence and there is a fair amount of peace in that.


      • daemon

        daemon 2 months, 4 weeks ago

        Hear, hear. I alone of my three siblings, spend a majority of my free time with and helping our parents with daily tasks and different projects.

        They seem to think marriage and/or children exempt them from such things and we usually see them only on major holidays. My sister makes an effort around her schedule to visit them for meals, but only when I go over and do the shopping, cooking and cleaning. Her work and leisure travel schedule doesn't leave her much time for the daily tasks and chores of living as they approach their 80's.

        I will not and cannot do anything except care for them as they did for me for 19+ years. My siblings are on the losing end of this equation, as this time spent with Dad and Mom is so interesting and precious. I will be there for them until they are gone, come what may. It seems to be a role that I am well suited for and born to.


        • Chet_Manly

          Chet_Manly 2 months, 3 weeks ago

          Much respect for what you do.
          It isn’t easy either. Often we can be enough like one of our parents that it can be difficult at times. That is my only issue, but I can tell my dad has worked to smooth those abrasive edges and it has motivated me to do the same.

          I am in a similar situation and will end up living very close (by choice) to my parents. Part of it is that they have made an effort to engage with their grandkids (I have more kids than my siblings combined) and my wife, and I want to recriprocate that.

          Grandparents, their wisdom, stories and sometimes general BS is something no one else can replicate for a young child. Like you I want to pay them back for their help/guidance in me being the man I am today, but I also want to model that for my kids; hopefully influencing their future relationship with me.

          Glad you shared. I wish there were more people taking this approach but it’s always good (reaffirming of beliefs) to know there are other people with similar values.