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  • glen

    glen 4 years, 3 months ago

    "The chip butty is not a cop or a king. The chip butty is the people. Just like us, it is off-putting, maybe a little gross, constantly coming apart at the seams, fragile but also resilient. Like life itself, the chip butty is a miracle. A sick, disgusting miracle."


  • trigjoh

    trigjoh 4 years, 2 months ago

    It was phenomenal to hear the discussion of this tack and the chip butty on podcast #137. I've raised my US kids to appreciate the joy & deliciousness of bread, butter & preferably, thick cut fries. Some salt, you are in heaven. Not much else is needed. I've personally found that a curry sauce (often found in British fish & chip shops), is a good condiment but not mandatory. As a schoolkid, one of the all time favorites was to go to the local bakery. Buy a loaf of unsliced bread with a friend, then get a bag of chips from the local chippy. Halve the loaf, tear out (and eat the crumb of the loaf) and then dump chips inside. Here some sort of sauce would be required, unless you had your handy stick of butter with you during school (this was the 80's, convenient butter wasn't yet invented). Seek this out. We Brits are often criticized for a lack of contribution to global cuisine. The chip butty (and the Yorkshire pudding, and the pork pie & the spotted dick) should lead the resurrection of this tarnished reputation