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  • elancaster65

    elancaster65 3 years, 2 months ago

    A long time ago on a high school campus in the Inland Empire of SoCal, 7 Seniors and one Sophomore decided to out do the previous Senior prank (A Bob's Big Boy statue on the admin building roof no less) by planting a VW Bug hull that had been grafittied by said Seniors (and one Sophomore) on to what had become affectionately known as the "Senior Stump". Said stump was a tree that had been blown over and the remaining stump happened to be where many of the Seniors now hung out during lunch after leaving campus for an E-Z-Out Burger (Think low-rent INO).

    So, said Seniors, with the use of one Senior's father's pickup, loaded said VW onto the back of the truck and hauled it to the campus. Took 8 of said Seniors to haul said VW to the stump and mount it.

    Unfortunately as is the case when it comes to teenage minds, no one bothered to check if the campus was empty that Wednesday night. Sure enough, the weekly Bingo game was going on in the cafeteria, complete with campus security. Who proceeded to chase the now dumbfounded Seniors off of the campus.

    And the plan would have worked had all of the Seniors stuck to the plan and scattered in different directions and walked home. Only 2 were caught. One of the two had an outstanding bench warrant as he thought he'd fight a parking ticket and failed to show to court. Said Senior, now facing bad-cop/bad-cop, ratted out several of the guilty. (Not me). So what took 8 people to haul and drop on a stump now took 4 to reverse the procedure. Upland PD said merely, "Get it out of the city limits". Which is was and for years you could see it at the bottom of a ravine near Mt. Baldy until a flood washed it away.

    This story is true. I have pictures...