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  • brian

    brian 1 year, 5 months ago

    First, I am glad someone put pen to paper on ranking every Van Halen song of all time.

    That said, I'm a little disappointed that only two songs from Fair Warning — my favorite Van Halen album — made the top 25 and one of them was Unchained. A little obvious in my opinion, but the fact that Hear About it Later makes #13 is a solid choice. I believe they opened their 1981 tour shows with that song. Surprised and delighted with the inclusion of Humans Being from the Twister soundtrack at number 15.

    Eruption at number one makes a lot of sense despite the author's almost entirely apologetic description of his reasoning for choosing so. It's easy to forget how groundbreaking Eruption was to guitar players at the time. It was a crazy, phase ridden, melodic example of what it would mean to be a guitar player in the 1980s and it was freaking awesome.