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"There is a feature in your web browser that will save you from the algorithm. It's called the bookmark. Here's why you should start using it."

Or just use Gentlemint. But bookmarks are a nice alternative.

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  • elancaster65

    elancaster65 1 year ago

    My Bookmarks has 13 sub folders. Within each folder is a minimum of 10 websites and a maximum of 20. I don't go to all of them all of the time but they are conveniently laid out for easy access. Yes...I'm old school. I read books. I read magazines. And I used bookmarks in my browser. Now get off my lawn.


    • glen

      glen 1 year ago

      I use them too. My brain is tired of endless streams of information, so having bookmarks makes the information distribution at least a little more finite.


  • ZombieCatBacon

    ZombieCatBacon 1 year ago

    Email subscriptions are good too. Replaced Facebook likes with email subs, and I am happier now. Don't miss anything, and read them at my leisure.