• Robochess 11 years ago

    I believe a more accurate depiction of atheist extremist would be,
    Hey, let's go have a microbrew and talk about how everybody that believes in something we don't are idiots and not as smart as we are.
    Oh, wait, did you forget about Stalin? Dahmer? There are more examples.
    That is my main issue with atheists, they believe they are better then everybody else. Something else you forgot, we are all human, and all make mistakes, kinda like this sad attempt at humor.


  • CHAM3LEON 11 years ago

    Agreed, I think Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, these genocidal maniacs are a true representation of atheist extremism. After all atheism has killed more people than, all religious ideologies combined.


  • twistedme 11 years ago

    didn't Hitler believe he was doing gods work?
    think the key word is extremist regardless of what the believe is extremists can do more damage then good. And I found the above cartoon funny.


  • egro 11 years ago

    The point of the cartoon is that there is no real thing as atheist extremism. Atheism is merely a lack of belief in god, there is no tenets of atheism, no dogma. On of the funnier (and annoyingly stupid) terms is referring to outspoken atheists as 'militant atheists', even though there is nothing militant about them.