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Any cigar fans out there? If so, what's your favorite?

Vices Posted by glen 6 days, 14 hours ago

I'm a casual cigar smoker, and based on some comments from a tack I posted it there are others here as well.

My limit per stick is at the most $10 (a vast number of choices thanks to the beauty of the internet), and here is my favorite:

Oliva Serie V - med-full bodied, rich and delicious all the way down to the nub. It's ~$8-$10.

I usually pick up sample packs and sale bundles to fill out the humidor, though.

4 replies

  • Ammon

    Go to cigarsInternational.com and look at samplers. My fav's are anything Gurka, Rocky Patel, or Diesel. I like big fat dark ones.


    • glen

      Yeah, that's a good tactic. Bundles are the way to go for price effectiveness. For example, I picked up a 20-stick bundle sampler of Oliva for about $2.50/stick. Considering their excellent stogies usually run for $8-$11 at the local humidor, that is fantastic.

      Recently I set up an alert at SlickDeals for the term "cigar" and have found a lot of bundle deals at various places. Great for loading up the humidor on the cheap.

      One other note: I have had the worst luck with Rocky Patel. I don't know if I've ever had a good cigar, in either taste or construction. They tend to turn at about the halfway point. Yet everyone loves Rocky... I wonder if I'm doing something wrong.