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General Posted by brian 7 years, 2 months ago

Anyone have any topics you'd like us to tackle on the podcast this week?

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  • brian


    Episode 98 of the GM podcast is on the horizon. Help us complete the episode with a question from the GM mailbag.


  • Filadog

    Aliens have landed. Due to mental fatigue from their travels and a complete lack of options, you've been chosen to give the aliens reason enough to spare us. You're given one day to save us all. What are you going to show them to convince them we are worthy of saving? The specifics of your choice of beer would be appreciated.


    • glen

      Hahaha... brilliant!


    • Razorback

      I remember an episode of 'The Twilight Zone' where aliens came to Earth and said they were upset with how our civilization had turned out. The world leaders scrambled and managed to ink out world peace in a matter of a day or two. When they presented it to the aliens, they laughed and said they created us to be warriors, not peace-loving people. So ultimately, we had failed them even more and would be destroyed as punishment.