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Cold and Flu remedies

Health Posted by glen 4 years ago

It's here: Cold & Flu season.

My wife is a little under the weather and asked me to make her a hot toddy last night. I've used these in the past and I swear they work. Years ago one Gentleminter posted this cold and flu remedy, which many have claimed work. Personally, I think it sounds suspiciously like the Wake-Up Juice from Back to the Future III.

Anyway, what are your cold and flu remedies? I usually stick to a strict diet of red meat and bourbon, but that's just me.

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  • This cold-fighting couscous chicken soup is a very tasty and hearty standby. I actually made it last night since I've been under the weather. A few deviations: 1) add an extra cup or 2 of stock to have more broth (or just double the recipe). 2) If you don't want to get a rotisserie chicken, just boil chicken breasts in the chicken stock for 20-25 min. on medium, then take it out and shred. Add the chicken back to the stock when you put in the pearl couscous.


  • jordan

    The hot toddy at the Bourgeois Pig is served in a 10-12 oz glass and is about 98% whiskey and 2% other stuff. It's quite the surprise to the system when you're already on other cold/flu medicine. That was an interesting Sunday afternoon.


    • glen

      Hah, I did not know that. I love a good whiskey, but that seems a bit much. Especially when it's been warmed up. Yuck.