Manly yet Inexpensive Christmas Presents

General Posted by Titanheart 6 years, 10 months ago

So my wife and I try very hard to be thoughtful at Christmas. This year however I'm having a bit of trouble. So I thought I would share a few things we have done, and see what ideas you gents come up with.

My favorite was using cigar boxes, available at $2 a pop from our local tobacco store. In them I put home made jerky, a book (I can't remember the name) and some pine tar soap. Gave it to the men, and future men.

So what ideas can you gents come up with?

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  • Razorback

    I think you would first have to define "inexpensive" to make sure people respond within your same line of thinking. That being said, here are a few ideas that would be on the cheaper side:

    Homemade rubs and sauces - Almost every guy likes to BBQ. You can make your own rubs and sauces in bulk for very little money. Divide them into small shakers/bottles, label, wrap a bow around it and voila, instant gift that keeps on giving.

    Wooden drink coasters - Go find a nice (free) hardwood limb about 4" or so in diameter that is as straight as possible. Cut it into 1/2" slices to make coasters.

    Bottle Opener - Find a piece of wood (reclaimed barn board or pallet if possible). Slap a coat of dark brown stain on it for a good rustic appearance. Buy a metal bottle opener and attach it near the top. Simple, but highly effective.

    Liquor Sampler - But several airplane-sized bottles of various liquors. Find a creative way to assemble them together (mason jar, over-sized beer mug, etc.).

    Key Holder - This is super easy. Use almost any material (log, board, etc.). Stain or paint it however you like. Add nails or screw-in hooks. If you want to be creative, use spark plugs or nuts & bolts for a cooler appearance.


    • Titanheart

      Well I thought about throwing out a price range, but really I rather see peoples ideas without much constraint. Like your ideas are great, and can be done at multiple price levels.


      • Razorback

        I think that was a good call on your part. Sometimes it is better to focus on ideas first and then determine how to make them fit within a budget. There's always more than one way to skin a cat (which is not a recommended gift).


  • glen

    I've done some home brew, which makes about 36-48 bottles of beer, and each batch is about $20-$40, depending on the type of beer.

    I've also made some beard oil which is SUPER simple. I basically followed Art of Manliness' tutorial for the procedure and used the Forest Haven recipe (it had the fewest ingredients).

    Your base oil is going to be the most expensive. I'd recommend either jojoba or almond oil (the almond is about 1/4 of the price of the jojoba).

    Also, be sure to get the bottles that have the plastic reducers so the oil just doesn't dump out like ranch dressing.

    But yeah, just pour into bottles, shake, and you're done. Here's the cost for the Forest Haven recipe:

    • $11 for the almond oil (if you're worried about cost, just use all almond oil instead of the 3/4 oz of jojoba. I did that and it worked out fine.)
    • $6 for the tea tree oil
    • $6 for the peppermint oil
    • $15 for the bottles

    Total: $38, but those ingredients will yield you at least 24 bottles (closer to 30), so $1.58 per bottle.