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Missing paint on car

DIY Posted by glen 4 years, 10 months ago

I figured I'd ask here first, just in case.

I was washing the top of my car (Toyota Rav4) at the car wash, and a chunk of paint the size of my fist blew away, exposing the metal.

I know I need to get it painted because of the rust, but I didn't know if I should try fixing it myself, or not risk it and just take it to a professional around town.

I know we've got a lot of handy folk on the site... anyone here have experience with this?

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  • jordan

    I've also had some paint problems with my Toyota, though not quite that bad. Most of the paint on one door handle was chipping off. I got some very fine grain sandpaper to take off the bigger chunks then got some touch-up paint at Auto Zone. They had lots of choices in Toyota colors for about $15, but it's a small container. Especially for something on your roof, $20 and a few hours of time are worth a shot to see what happens.


    • glen

      Yeah, that's what I figured I would end up doing. $20 or hundreds of dollars? I'll try the cheaper fix first ;)

      Thanks for making me feel better about giving it a try.


      • barefootgreg

        At least it's it on the top and not super noticeable. Worst case scenario; if you attempt the repair yourself you buy some time before having to go to the pros. Just estimating buy what I have had to have done I would think $200 - $225, around here pricing. That is with the "local guy" not a big chain or insurance shop.