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Holiday traditions

General Posted by glen 5 years, 12 months ago

I've been thinking a lot recently about traditions that I'd like to start with my children around Christmas. What traditions do you all have with your families?

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  • Chet_Manly

    This is a recent tradition but I'm quite fond of it. It's really more of a selfish activity on my part than a family tradition. On Christmas Eve and a few days leading up to Christmas (or Thanksgiving) I go to the gym and try to squat/deadlift (I prefer squats) so much that I can barely walk on Christmas Day. I try to achieve this by volume rather than maximal weight but both are fun.
    My wife bakes lots of goodies (Buckeyes, pies and other assorted items of baked heavenly goodness) to help me carb load and then I try to eat my way through over training to recovery. Add a nice afternoon nap and it's a nearly perfect day.

    And I would get away with it if it weren't for my meddling kids. That's the challenging part. Sometimes I get away with it and the kids are great on their own, other holidays they need more..."intervention" to be tolerable. I don't handle things as well in a state of over training but when the kids are good, it's magical. I also have to be aware of how much work I will have to do in assembling kids toys. That's also a factor in how much I try to destroy myself.


    • glen

      That is an excellent tradition, and a great idea. Assembly of kid toys is always an overlooked factor by me. I have spent hours on dollhouses and desks over the past few years.


      • Chet_Manly

        A father's Christmas Eve checklist:

        • Screwdriver set

        • Tiny screwdriver set

        • Coffee

        • back up screwdriver and tiny screwdriver set

        • Sharp pocket knife (box cutter)

        • Allen wrenches

        • Ear plugs (noise cancelling head phones earn bonus points)

        • Plenty of large garbage bags

        • A List of chores or work to threaten your kids with when they start pissing you off...because it's Christmas....and they will

        • Antacids

        • Plenty of extra ice that you're wife won't use for company

        • Plenty of good bourbon

        Please edit and add anything I forgot


  • ahnyerkeester

    Not many but you might like one or two.

    1. My wife and I argue about getting a fake tree every year. I always win. The kids are grown and are turning on me now.

    2. We open presents in rounds. Everyone opens one and then we take a break and enjoy them. Then we go back and open the next set. Makes Christmas last a good part of the morning.

    3. We make orange and cinnamon rolls and enjoy them on one of our present-opening breaks.


  • zamoose

    1) All-hors-d'oeuvres menu for Christmas Day (Weenie Boats[sic] and Monkey Bread feature prominently).

    2) Make White (Sweet) Trash (the almond bark/Chex/Cheerios/peanuts/pretzels variety) and give out as gifts, at least the stuff we don't end up eating ourselves.

    3) Sprint to the curb in the cold to deliver Dunkin Donuts gift cards to our trash men and recyclers.

    4) Christmas PJs for all the kids. Sometimes we match all of them, sometimes we do matching for kids #1, 3, 5 and #2, 4, 6, or sometimes matching the boys and the girls separately. Wash them before Christmas Day, throw the kids in them on Christmas Eve, and then take pictures of them all matchy-matchy as they come downstairs.

    5) Stockings-only before some form of breakfast is consumed.


    • glen

      Monkey bread... I haven't had that forever. And I also hadn't heard of the White Trash Mix until yesterday as well... I'll have to give this a shot. That sounds delicious.

      AND 6 KIDS?? Christmas is a completely different animal for you.


      • zamoose

        We're on the roughly-two-year-installment plan: 11, 9, 6.5, 4.5, 2, and 6 months. 3 boys, 3 girls, all insane. (There was a baby we lost between #2 and #3, alas.)


        • glen

          Wow, I tip my cap at your efforts. I'm at 1/3 of your household, and I already think that is insane.


        • Chet_Manly

          Yes. At only 50% of your house hold, immense respect. Especially with regards to their ages. Then again, I wonder if we hadn't stopped at 3 but had pushed on for an even 4, if things might go more smoothly at times.

          I like the matching pjs idea. Sounds more practical than my idea for this year: 3 matching ponies. (J/k!)