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Rogue One

Entertainment Posted by lhriv 4 years, 5 months ago

I caught Rogue One a week before Christmas and am curious to know what others thought? I personally fell asleep for the middle 30-40 minutes, but when I woke up as they started their mission, I was pretty into it. (Those full-reclining movie theater seats may have also encouraged my nap, along with the nothing really happening part...)

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  • elancaster65

    It was good. Saw it twice only because my nephews were in town and wanted to see it.

    Nice to see a good, stand-alone tale that tied in some of the "legends" of the books and answer the age old question of "how come a giant death star was constructed with such a vulnerability?" And other such nerd questions.

    It also dawned on me on my second viewing that a) Alan Tudyk is freakin' awesome in VO's. 2) every one has to die in the end (except Tarkin, etal) as they aren't mentioned/show up in the original threequel.


    • Chet_Manly

      VO: best droid/comic relief character ever appearing in a Star Wars film, absolutely.

      Also, that everyone had to die made it that much better. It was what had to happen.


      • Yes, VO definitely had me chuckle quite a bit. And it definitely felt right that everyone died for the greater good. It was unexpected but in a good way and made for a powerful ending.

        Some more 2 cents: -Darth Vader's appearance in the command ship at the end was pretty scary and effective. I wish he had that same impact in the Force Awakens - to me, he fell short as a villain in that one. -Jyn Erso vs. Rey: Jyn was a way more gutsier and tougher heroine than Rey. I know that Rey is just figuring out her place and understanding her power, but I wish that actress had had a bit more of the bravado and ruggedness that Jyn had. Something about Rey just wasn't believable in FO. -The ending cut to Princess Leia was well done and pretty seamless. I was impressed. -Rogue One felt a little more "adult" and had less corny moments as FO (which is part of FO's charm and something I liked.) That said, I really liked the change in tone and slight edge of seriousness in Rogue One. It's telling a different story and I appreciated that it didn't try to copy FO.


        • whoops, should've used the bullets.


        • Chet_Manly

          I followed. The bullet thing doesn't always work for me...user error I'm sure.

          How could I forget the scenes with Vader! That was worth it even if the rest of the movie stank (which is didn't!). They did that boarding scene so well. Good call, I can't believe I forgot that part. I expected it to be over when the archive planet went boom, and anything after that was just icing on the cake.

          Yeah, the actress choice for Jyn was better. I liked her and the characters in RO better because of that. Hadn't thought that much about it but she was a better fit for the role.

          I have been a little annoyed by the trend towards the female action hero. It isn't as believe able to me and seems to be more of a narrative choice or hook to expand the audience. If it's a way of increasing market at play, I'm fine with it. If the goal is to make little girls believe they can kick ass just like men can, which isn't true unless they are chemically enhanced women... That's distracting to me. I try to ignore all that but it seems through from time to time. I think the ghost busters remake may be the ultimate equal opportunity flick done in this vein. Back to the point; Jyn was a good choice as was the rest of the cast.


        • ahnyerkeester

          Good points and I mostly agree. I thought Leia at the end looked like a puppet. They could have/should have just shown her from behind receiving the plans and left it at that. Tarkin mostly worked but CGI still can't make the eyes look human. Loved Alan Tudyk as K-2SO.

          I giggled like a little kid at some of the Star Wars Easter eggs they included.

          Personally, I think they could have held off the Death Star firing till the end and make it dramatic. Maybe they could have done the same with Vader. We didn't need to see him in a Bacta tank on Mustafa and why did Krennic talk to him there? In Star Wars it is clear that Tarkin is large and in charge.

          Anyway, it was worthy of the Star Wars franchise.


  • Chet_Manly

    I read a review before seeing it and it essentially said: - Beautiful to watch (it was) -Not a Jedi movie, but a movie about soldiers (again accurate) - Not a typical SW sound score but solid (true, though I missed the John Willimas approach a little as that is the one aspect of SW that is always solid) - It has the feel of a classic WWII suicide mission, against all odds movie (pulled that off fantastically) With those expectations going in, I loved it.

    My $0.02: The dialogue didn't get in the way, no character was trying hard to be funny, he just was funny, & it's simply a solid War genre movie, set in space. I won't be buying Force Awakens but I will buy Rogue One on disc.