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Tech Posted by glen 6 years, 6 months ago

The Internet is ablaze with the news about the repealed ISP privacy laws. (Here's a Google News link with a lot of news results. I don't want to link to just one source.)

Anyway, I've been toying for a while about getting a VPN for my personal Internet, and the House voting to undo a lot of privacy restrictions with ISPs has prompted me to revisit the issue. (I haven't made my in foil hat yet, but I'm getting closer.)

I didn't know if any of you all use or have experience with VPNs that could give advice or recommendations.

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  • Razorback

    My understanding (which may be incorrect), is the repeal merely takes us back to where we already were. It was only when the Obama administration transferred regulatory controls of ISPs to the FCC that it made the playing field uneven. It meant that ISPs would have new privacy rules that would not apply to the companies you access on the Internet (Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc.). Therefore, ISPs would not have as much of a chance to compete for the $82 billion generated in ad revenue that is gained by collecting and selling consumer data.

    While a VPN will encrypt your data before it reaches the ISPs and/or the pages you visit, they have just as much opportunity to collect and sell your information. It does not prevent it from happening, it merely prevents the ISPs and internet companies from getting it.

    In my opinion, the problem is not who can sell my information without my permission, it is the fact that they can do it at all. Instead of everyone getting a VPN, it seems to make more sense to push Congress to require EVERYONE to allow consumers to opt out of having their data sold. And while I believe that may eventually be the case, it will also come at a price because then the ISPs would charge a privacy fee to let you opt out.

    It's frustrating, to say the least.


    • glen

      Razorback you've it it on the head. I knew our resident marketing guru would have some thoughts on this :)

      I hadn't thought about the VPN company wanting to sell information either. I mean, we all expect ISPs to do this because they're widely regarded as soulless corporations with bottomless lobbying pockets. Who says the little guy can't profit from me too?


  • jordan

    I'm more tempted to spend a portion of every internet browsing session messing with them searching for ethnic hair products, teething toys, vacations to Columbia, MO, vegan recipes and polio vaccines. Or man capris. The options are endless.


  • Nickolas

    When I had to travel to China last year I had to use a VPN to just get out of the country there. I kept it for a few months. It was Express VPN. It was pretty highly rated and good personal review from others that used it. It worked very well.

    I have done too much with the government to every worry about any thing personal or any presumption that I have any secrets too keep. :-O


    • glen

      Ah, good to have a trusted review on Express VPN. Thanks!

      I don't know if I'll actually get the VPN... You and Razorback may have talked me off the ledge. Or discouraged me even more :)