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Hiking Apps & Websites

Sports & Outdoors Posted by jordan 4 years, 10 months ago

What apps or websites do you use for finding good hiking, particularly in unfamiliar areas?

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  • glen

    I know it's a camping site, but is awesome and has user submitted pictures of the location, trails, hiking, etc. nearby. Pretty great search and filtering features, so you could filter hiking trails by location.


    • jordan

      That site is great. Could have used that a few weeks ago when we almost had to camp at the UFO Watchtower in Colorado due to not knowing our options. I will definitely be using that site in the future. Checked around in northeast KS; there's a yurt for rent $45/night just west of Baldwin in case I want to take up glamping.


  • barefootgreg

    I'll second AllTrails. Also check out Maprika, It's a cool little app that lets you overlay google earth with park maps. When you turn on the live tracking your phone's GPS will show up on the park map trails, where in most cases, google will only show trees.