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What the Health?

Health Posted by jordan 1 year, 4 months ago

It's Monday. We need a bit of exciting dialog.

Anybody else watched or heard of "What the Health" on Netflix and what were your impressions?

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  • Razorback

    Have not heard of it until now. What's the premise of the show?


    • jordan

      The premise is that most of American's chronic health problems (cancer, diabetes, heart disesase, etc.) all have dietary roots, and that animal products are mostly to blame, particularly processed meat. In addition to that, the film goes through the significant lobbying efforts and non-profit donations undertaken by food industries and companies in the US to make sure their products aren't threatened by or implicated in any health-related controversies.

      Yes, it's a film made by vegans and evangelizes the religion of veganism, but veggies aside, I'm interested in hearing about perspectives on all aspects of the film (conspiracy theories? is Alzheimer's really a government ploy to disguise Mad Cow Disease? the government is controlling our food choices?) and not just the pros and cons of veganism.

      PS- We did not go vegan. We are eating more plants and way less processed meat though. I'll be honest, it makes the body feel pretty good.


      • Razorback

        I am a T-Rex so it may not be something I would be into watching. I am open to these types of things from the standpoint that I feel one should always listen to all sides of a conversation before making any decisions.

        We have been more cautious in recent years about where our meat comes from. When possible (and affordable), I like to use vendors at the local farmers market to get organic meats. I love to BBQ and smoke meat so I guess technically, I am "processing" it but it tastes too good for me to stop doing it. We try to limit red meat to once per week and dine mostly on chicken and lean cuts of pork. Like everything else in life, I think moderation is the key.

        We also have an organic garden that provides most of the veggies we prefer to eat on a regular basis. There's nothing like walking out the back door and picking your own vegetables. I believe they taste better but that may be the satisfaction of growing them at home.


        • jordan

          "Like everything else in life, I think moderation is the key."

          I agree with you. It's a bit tiring when everything has to be put in a "good" or "bad" bucket regardless of quantity and frequency.

          Your garden sounds great.


  • Chet_Manly

    Exciting dialogue is always welcome! I have not seen it but from what I've read, I'll take the time to watch it....when I slow down enough.

    I've heard it argued that what we eat has a strong relationship to our health. While I'm not on the vegan or non-GMO, or any bandwagon (enough so that those are really the only ones I know of) I try to take seriously what I eat and I am trying to inprove that as it is probably my weakest, most indiscipline part of my life. So this is good food for thought, even before watching.


    • jordan

      After I watched it, I read this review. As fair warning, I know nothing about the guy who wrote the review, but I appreciate that he cites lots of sources in his review and gives a broader perspective of health and wellness than the film does.

      Watching the film did help me be more disciplined about eating more plants and thinking twice about what I tend to feed myself.


      • glen

        That's usually what happens to me when I come across documentaries like this. For example, when I watched Supersize Me it made me think twice about what I was putting into my body in general.

        Did I stop eating at McDonald's? NO WAY. Why? Because the premise of the movie didn't surprise me (eat at McDonalds every day = massive decline in health). The same thing with this documentary. I know I need to eat more plants. It just makes sense.

        Lastly: Robb Wolf is the man.