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Scenic Vacation

Sports & Outdoors Posted by brian 3 years, 7 months ago

My girlfriend and I are going to take a week long vacation in late November. We are wanting to go somewhere scenic and basically just relax. We have been talking about going to Aspen, CO possibly, but are totally open to going anywhere in the U.S. basically. Anyone have any ideas of good laid back, scenic vacation spots?

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  • Chet_Manly

    I've heard nice things about Aspen. But the French CAN be assholes.

    Wish I had something useful for you.

    Northern California and the Pacific coastline is appealing but I am not sure what it's like (rainy perhaps?) at this time of year.


    • brian

      Ah, one can never truly separate any conversation regarding Aspen without thinking of good old Harry and Lloyd. I'm not sure on the pacific coastline weather in November, but that is a solid suggestion. I'll look into it.


      • Chet_Manly

        So many things tie into that movie... We were there in May and it was awesome. Cold, but worth the time.

        At some point I want to go back and spend more time on the coast as well as various places between Ocean View CA up to Portland OR.

        Being from the east coast:

        • Miami or the Keys aren't bad places to be his time of year. (IMHO)

        • If it's early November, eastern TN can be very nice for a variety of reasons: foliage, seasonal fall weather, mountains, plus if you're close to Knoxville there is Gatlinburg and many other things to do.

        • Charleston and Savannah are two other places I enjoy and have been in the fall for various reasons (wedding, family, etc.) warmer weather than a November in Kansas.

        That's the serious input....aside from being jealous that you're going on a trip to relax. But I can be glad someone is.


  • jordan

    All of Colorado.

    We went to Padre Island over Christmas a few years ago, and it was great. A little cool for beach-going weather, but we enjoyed the lack of crowds, hiking on the sand dunes, shrimp shrimp and more shrimp, going to a battlefield in Brownsville, and watching waves, pelicans, and kite boarders. Very relaxing.

    I also had a business trip to Starved Rock State Park in Illinois this last summer. I was rather impressed with the whole park. Good hiking and the lodge was nice too.


  • Razorback

    Although I have not yet been, I have friends that recently visited each of these and said they were blown away.

    • Yellowstone
    • Pacific Coast Highway between San Francisco and L.A.
    • Vancouver

    You might also consider taking the old Route 66 drive out west. Probably fewer people now but it still has some very cool and quirky roadside attractions.


  • Chris-Campbell

    Recommend South Utah/North Arizona. Went to Page, Arizona where they have Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend. Very beautiful and different part of the country.