What/How Do you use Gentlemint?

General Posted by DuncanDad 5 years, 6 months ago

Title kinda says it all... I Use Gentelmint to pin ideas of retirement house plans. There are about 16 million house plan site, (most carry the same tire plans). However! Every now an again I will stumble across a site that has a compelling plan that we may like. "Why house plans?" My good sir, I am glad you asked. As a GUS, (Gentleman of the US) and approaching the time of my life where I enjoy peace, quiet and a well mixed Gin and Tonic on the deck instead of a bar, I am looking for >that< house plan to build our retirement abode. I will be purchasing the lake lot-probably within the next week. From there, I will have to plan our our finial move that will allow us to live debt free, on a 30,000 acre lake. We want to measure time in cups of coffee, paddle board time and grilling out with friends and family. I have another 10-15 years before my final retirement. After that, my time will be spent in creative pursuits and time with my grandkids.

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  • elancaster65

    I use the Mint as a place to go find out what like-minded (and some not like-minded) Gentlemen find appealing, amusing, interesting, humourous, irritating, educational and gustatorially awesome. (Beer, whiskey, steak, etc).

    So far, I have not been let down. The Gentlemint is a rarity among on-line social gatherings. The men here seem to want close the door on the screeching harridans on the interwebs and focus on manly pursuits, manly ideals, and manly esthetics.

    Now that you've posted house plans, I, too, shall be perusing for my eventual retirement home. Despite the fact that my wife said that the home we're in now will be our "death house" and that she's not moving her stuff anymore. I'm pretty sure if I found the right place in 10-15 years, I could convince her to relocate once again!



    • DuncanDad

      With us, we may not have a choice but to move. The city were we live is building out a 28 mile multi-modal trail that winds around and through the whole place. They just finished section #2 and have broken ground on section #3. Section #7 goes Right Through Our Yard. There is not other place to put the trail. There are railway tracks on one side, (down a 40 foot hole) and our house. Further up the street, there are a lot of other houses packed together.

      As I noted, I'm not a guy, in his fair age, to suffer a lot of distracting noise. In the Summer, we have never ending ice cream trucks with their loud speakers roaming through the neighborhood. About 4 times a day. I'm not against a man trying to make his wage or deny the kids on the block their summertime memories of Push-Ups and Fudgepops. I just wish the noise level was a bit lower. Don't get me started on the trash people toss out of their cars...


  • Razorback

    I have been a Gentlemint member since 2012 and it is one of the few social platforms I check almost daily.

    In addition to using it as a way to post things I find interesting, I also it to be the best source for information I may not have obtained elsewhere. The gentlemen here are quite the eclectic audience and never fail to surprise me with quality content.

    While the Mint is a good place to store data for future reference (such as house plans), it is best to mix your content with other information. This makes you a more engaged member of the community and helps your profile appear less spammy.

    Also, while it is OK to promote information from your own blog, websites, etc., you best create an equal mix of content from other sources and control how often you post your own content. The members here do not take lightly to those who only want to promote themselves.

    That being said, if you want great house ideas (design not floor plans), try Houzz. When we did our last remodel, my wife and I saved our inspiration there and shared it with the architects and contractor. It was a huge help in communicating our desired outcome. We are now using it to save ideas for the house we plan to build in the next year or two.


  • ZombieCatBacon

    While lately I have been posting my blog links, I do try to mix in a range of eclectic and interesting stuff found on my web travels. Some of them hit, some don't. That's fine with me and I really do enjoy the comments and other posts I find here (except for the gun related stuff - no interest). I would love to see more people posting more frequently - it seems to have slowed considerably over the past year.


    • Razorback

      I have always enjoyed your posts. I used to post about once per day but since I was severed from my job last September, I find myself spending most of my tie learning how to start and run my own company. It is time consuming so I am not able to post as much as before. At least not yet.

      There are a few folks who seemed to have dropped off the radar that I hope will return. That being said, when the Mint first started, it wan inundated with "manly man" posts. I find it refreshing that we now have a smaller audience with a more eclectic range of topics.

      If you've never done it, go to the Popular page and click on the All Time link. That is a glimpse back to the beginning when we had hundreds of members posting at once.


      • DuncanDad

        I didn't realize GM was so popular in the day. I just found it as an alternative to Pinterest for saving web clips. It's been nice seeing the posts of different things here. I frequent a home beer brewing community that was started when the old host went nuclear and basically kicked everyone out because we wouldn't follow his rules, (very over the top and heavy handed). That was 10 years ago and the community is still going but, I find myself less and less attracted due to the intractable political bickering, (and I gave up beer brewing some time ago).


        • glen

          We're about to release another feature that allows people to explore all of the links people have posted since the site has started. Stay tuned ;)