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Go see Shazam!

Entertainment Posted by zamoose 2 years, 2 months ago

It's Big + super heroes + Gremlins + Goonies, with a smattering of Raimi's Spider-Men. Best super hero movie since, hmmm...

Definitely different than Thor: Ragnarok. Not sure if it's better, but it deserves all the monies at the box office.

PS: It earned the PG-13 (see "Gremlins" point above). Don't take your young kids.

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  • brian

    Ok, just checked out the trailer on your recommendation and I'm sold. It has a 91% on the rottentomatoes meter, which isn't always something I trust, but I could take a high rating from Zamoose to the bank and cash it.

    I kept seeing headlines and blurbs about it on the Internet and wondered what all the hubub was about. Good to know it lives up to the hype.

    It's hard for me to take any superhero movie very seriously these days, they have all seemed to grow very formulaic and stale. I didn't watch Thor: Ragnarok and haven't really seen a lot of the comic book-based films in recent years, I honestly think the last one I went to go see was Guardians of the Galaxy. My expectations for that were low and it surprisingly surpassed them. I'm kind of a snob about movies but will readily admit when even a lowly superhero movie is worthy of some accolades.

    If this movie has 1/10th the heart of Big or Gremlins or Goonies, I'm in.


  • glen

    I am looking forward to seeing this. I hadn't seen Zachary Levi since the series Chuck and I didn't even recognize him. It's always weird when actors go through the superhero transformation. Anyway, I will also take a Zamoose rating to the bank.