If you are looking for some original badges for your vehicle, I highly recommend Billet Badges. The emblem in the picture above is the one they created per my specs for my Dodge Ram 1500. I only replaced the Ram badges on the grill and tailgate (the rest of the truck is de-badged) but they can make custom badges for the sides too. Check out the gallery on their website to see some options. The cost varies depending on what you need. Mine were about $300 for a set of two but the quality is outstanding.

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  • Entwise 10 years ago

    ...what a long, strange trip it's been.


    • Razorback

      Razorback 10 years ago

      Indeed. My wife and I are both deadheads. She has made me put a Stealie sticker on every car she has owned for the last 20 years. I thought I would take it up a notch for my truck.